What Kind of Smart Lights Should You Buy?

We are living in a world where we can control smart lights by phone, voice, or through automation. Here is the wide range of smart lights, which might you consider making your home smarter.

Smart lights are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, but they sync with the internet depending upon the type of bulb you are using. Mainly, there are three methods a smart bulb can be sync with the internet: 

  1. Using an exclusive hub
  2. Syncing right away with the Wi-Fi
  3. Make use of the smart home hub via Z-Wave or ZigBee. 

Let’s discuss each one with a few recommendations.

Exclusive Hub Bulbs 

An exclusive hub is a prerequisite for these smart bulbs to function precisely. For example, LIFX hue lights need a LIFX Hue connection hub. Smart lights are recently launched in the market as a result makers of smart lights offer their hub for their bulbs, but it is not a necessity. You can use these bulbs with other hubs also. The Tradfri smart light from Ikea offers you their Tradfri hub, but you can connect your bulb with a different Hue hub such as Philips Hue Hub.

Though, syncing your smart bulbs with different hubs can cause problems.  Some functions may not be performed by the bulb. For example, the Tradfri smart light can sync with other Hue hubs, if its firmware is up to date, and there is only one way to update the firmware is by Tradfri hub.

If you want to buy these smarts bulbs, I’ll recommend buying Philips Hue and LIFX Hue

Wi-Fi Bulbs

Wi-Fi bulbs are small bulbs that can be sync with your Wi-Fi network. It is a popular choice among people. These are smart bulbs come with feature such brightness and RBG controlling and does not require a hub. They are just the same as other Wi-Fi products in the market, you have installed them and connect the app to your Wi-Fi network.

I recommend you not use Wi-Fi Bulbs in large quantities, as they are best to be used in small quantities. If you start using one or two WiFi bulbs in each room, then your Wi-Fi may get overburden.

If you want Wi-Fi bulbs at your home then you can consider Eufy, Philips, and Lifx bulbs.

Z-Wave/ZigBee Smart Lights

This category of smart lights can sync to third-party smart home hubs. The hub-based smart light system works on Z-Wave and ZigBee protocols and used lower power as compare to Wifi-ones. But, here I’m discussing bulbs that are meant to sync with third-party hubs like Wink, SmartThings, etc.

If you already have the smart home hub, then these Bulbs are great and you do not have to deal with the hindrance of Wi-Fi bulbs. You can check out on GoControl, GE Link, Sengled, and Aeotec all perform very well and can connect to your smart home hub.

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