Hybrid Solar System: Scrutinized By Robologic Lab

People who are fascinated by solar power move towards the objective of being completely detached from the grid. Still, the remaining are linked to the grid and support battery backup that will provide more service. 

If you are connected to the grid, you can rely upon battery backup when the solar battery power drains completely. Also, if the battery power is excessive you can sell power back to your utility company through net metering.

The energy produced by the solar panels required to convert into power. The three-course of actions are: 

  • Remain attached to the grid
  • Complete cut-off from the grid
  • Have a hybrid system.

Now the question is what is a Hybrid system? A hybrid system is one that is linked-up with the grid’s power lines and always has a reserve battery system to store the excess of electricity. The solar panel absorbs the sun’s energy by an inverter to produce usable power. Now, this usable power is transfer either to your home, to your battery, or the grid. Therefore, you will have power in every situation whether it’s a power cut or inclement weather. And if there is an excess of power, you can able to sell it to the utility company.

What batteries are best for hybrid solar systems?

The lead-acid batteries for hybrid solar systems have a large price tag, but in recent years their prices have been dropped. The solar of batteries Panasonic Evervolt, Sunpower Equinox, and Tesla Powerwall are leaders in this segment and are highly recommend.

Panasonic EverVolt 

  • The storage capacity of Panasonic EverVolt is between 11.4kWh to 17.1 kWh of energy for off-hours use. 
  • 10-year warranty on its battery.
  • Provide power for the full day.

Sunpower Equinox

  • The storage capacity of the Sunpower Equinox battery is between 13kWh-26kWh of energy.
  • 10-year product warranty.

Tesla Powerwall

  • The storage capacity of the Tesla Powerwall is 14kW. 
  • Tesla Powerwalls are build to last and keep your lights on 24/7.
Hybrid Solar System of different brand
Source: EverVolt, SunPower, and Tesla Powerwall

Are Hybrid Systems Are Better Than Going Completely Off-Grid?

When your solar is not connected to the grid, then a backup battery is your only option to sustain your power usage. But if the grid is connected then for sustaining your power usage two options i.e. grid and backup battery. 

In a hybrid solar system with a connected grid the power-managed very easily and your back-up battery never runs out. The excess of stored power can be used when solar panels do not get enough energy. It also helps you to generate your power.

With backup power in case of snowstorm or hurricane you’ll have power but in case of off-grid you no access to power. 

Is This Hybrid System Add Value?

A hybrid solar system is a prominent method to be in charge of your power supply. It will give you the ability to generate your power with the help of solar panels and a backup battery, with the connected electricity grid.

The Hybrid solar systems will assist you to bring down your electricity bills and hence help you to save your money. Also, you can sell the excess power back to the utility company. 

What makes a hybrid solar system special is the fact that you’ll never run out of power even in inclement weather. You have three main sources of battery i.e. solar panels, grid, and back-up battery. Therefore you’ll never run out of power.

What do you like the Normal Solar panels or the hybrid ones? Please tell us in the comment section and come back soon. Thank you!

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