Here Are Interactive Robots That You Can Buy Today

Fascinating machines, Robots are much more than just toys today. From virtual assistants to cleaning droids, robots are everywhere. In fact, you can own one yourself. Here are interactive robots that you can buy today.

MiRo-E, the Advanced Robotic Platform for Research and Education

Interactive Robots

MiRo-E is a highly specified, flexible, low-cost, programmable AI robotic platform, developed to mimic familiar domestic animal-like behavior. Create fun and socially engaging classroom experiences for every student. Using a MiRo-E can create a diverse and collaborative classroom experience where everyone and anyone can be involved! Watch your pupils delight in writing programs that bring their robots to life! MiRo-E can see, hear and interact with its environment providing endless programming possibilities that will push student’s creativity. Students learn quickly, enjoy STEM subjects and produce physical results that can be related and applied to real-world issues.

Interactive Robots for You

Key highlights are
  • 3rd Generation MiRo-E has been completely re-engineered and evolved for education from our previous version for University developers.
  • It works straight out of the box using a smartphone to easily configure it to exhibit pet-like behavior in pastoral / demonstration mode.
  • Flexible platform for learning robotics coding from primary school first principle through to high-level university research.
  • An easy-to-learn programming interface has been specially designed to provide an attractive and accessible method of coding and simulating MiRo.
  • Emotionally Engaging personality that is friendly, familiar, and non-threatening.
  • State of the Art Biomimetic AI technology replicates a small mammal’s behavior
  • It has a powerful Raspberry Pi B 3+ processor incorporated and loaded with software.
  • Fully programmable, serviceable, and upgradeable by a user with moderate experience.
  • The unique Brain-Based Biomimetic Control System [3BCS] developed by Sheffield University and in Bristol Robotics Lab.
  • Online support system based in our Bristol Labs with regular software updates.
  • Communicates using WiFi / Bluetooth / USB, which allows:
  • Bluetooth set-up and behavior configuration using MiRo-E Android App.
  • WiFi gives access to higher power computing and cloud services.

BUY NOW: MiRo-E, the Advanced Robotic Platform for Research and Education

Rocki Companion Robot for Pets

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Rocki Companion Robot

A dog treat camera, treat dispenser, automatic cat feeder, pet toy, and pet monitor all rolled into one brilliant package. Watch, interact, play, and feed cats and dogs with one Rocki app. A smart pet sitter that only needs electricity and treats.

The night vision camera is excellent for checking on your cats at night. Ever had your cat running amok after everyone went to bed? Turns out the “home intruder” is your cat swiping a plate offer the table? Check on your cat with Rocki without leaving the bed. The night vision camera allows Rocki to follow your cat anywhere in the darkness, and make sure your cat behaves.

Check on your dogs what shenanigans they are up to when you are not at home. Turn on the app, search, and call them. Rocki sports an HD video cam and a high-quality mic system. Rocki has superb mobility and is not bound to a specific home section, like other pet products. In case your dog actively avoids monitoring, Rocki can follow and check on them in different locations.

BUY NOW: Rocki Companion Robot

GEIO Gaming Robot with Vision Recognition, Motor Ability, and Control Sense

Interactive Robots for children
GEIO Gaming Robots

GEIO is engineered to present you with the most indulging robotic battle experience, equipped with First Person Shooter (FPS) and Visual Recognition system. The power behind GEIO is attributed to the groundbreaking artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

Geio will respond to different situations on the battlefield, including a variety of expressions and sound effects. It is also an excellent tactical strategy that can carefully identify what state it is in. 

A well-designed totem system with visual recognition scans allows you to gain more special abilities, and you need to do more than just attack but control the battlefield. In the FPV mode, you can scan the totem. A successful scanning will bring you a special bullet matching the totem, which will cause special effects and damage to the enemy.

Interactive war bots
GEIO Gaming Robot

Machine vision, the essence of the game
  • Vision Recognition
  • First-person view
  • Totem scanning
  • Expression system
  • Auto – targeting

BUY NOW: GEIO Gaming Robot

Hiwonder Alienbot Educational Robot Powered by Micro:bit for STEM

Interactive Robots
Hiwonder Alienbot Educational Robot

Hiwonder Alienbot is a programmable robot powered by micro:bit. Its exciting and functional design inspires children’s active learning and fosters creativity. You can control the Alienbot by using the mobile phone app, PC programming software, and micro:bit.

Key Feature
  • Compatible with LEGO
  • Equipped with more than ten modules
  • Control system of Alienbot: micro:bit + serial bus servo controller
  • Support mobile phone APP control, micro:bit control, PC programming
  • Three-port bus servo makes wiring easy the wiring and improves the accuracy
  • Note: micro:bit is purchased separately and is not included in the kit

BUY NOW: Hiwonder Alienbot Educational Robot

Hiwonder xArm2.0 Intelligent Robotic Arm Support Scratch and Python Educational Programmable Robot

Interactive arm you can buy
Hiwonder xArm2.0 Intelligent Robotic Arm

xArm2.0 is a programmable robotic arm with 6DOF, using intelligent serial bus servos. All these servos have functions of position feedback, voltage feedback. It also supports multi-robot cooperation, ideal for electronics and coding learning.

xArm2.0 includes a learning kit that supports Scratch and Python coding, matched with more than 10 electronic modules. You could easily achieve many creative functions. Compatible with all series Hiwonder sensors, you could extend more functions with xArm2.0.

Key Feature
  • Strong motor: Use serial bus servo LX-15D to power robotic arms. Full metal gear, high precision imported potentiometer. Servo support angle read back, voltage feedback, temperature feedback, and servo protecting.
  • xArm2.0 supports Scratch and Python coding meets different learning requirements.
  • Inverse kinematics algorithm analysis: Better understand the working principle.
  • Upgraded servo controller: Includes button, buzzer, sound sensor, RGB light, infrared receiver, etc. Unified connector and convenient wiring.
  • Various programming methods and control methods: Support mobile phone control, PC control, handle control, and offline manual control.

BUY NOW: Hiwonder xArm2.0 Intelligent Robotic Arm

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