Disinfecting Robots: These Bots Will Change the Future

Due to this pandemic, disinfecting robots are going to become a part of our life.

Covid-19 has developed a germ-conscious mentality in us, where “Cleanliness” is the new king. Also, we have masks and hand sanitizer, which likely won’t go even after vaccines are distributed. For robotics enthusiasts, the year 2021 is a great opportunity in terms of encouraging employee and customer confidence at the workplace through new well-being and safety devices. 

Till last year, the need and market for disinfectant robots are quite less in the healthcare sector. But, now the need and market of this niche product are there in every business stripes, from offices to shipping warehouses and grocery stores. All of them are investing in disinfecting tech for workplace hygiene and safety.

Types of Disinfecting robots

Disinfecting robots consist of a very wide range of products such as:

  • Floorcare robots: These robots are of two types i.e. Soft floor robots and Hard floor robots. Soft floor robots are for office use whether Hard floor robots are grocery stores. You can check it on Brain Corp
  • UV lights robots: UV lights work perfectly against bacteria and it is highly popular among developers. Autonomous mobile robots can be adapted for UV disinfecting technologies that are essential to target surfaces to work effectively.

The existing ambulatory robotics tech can be transformed into new disinfecting products without ground-up redesigns. Now big robotics-tech giants start introducing their products into the market. 

Disinfecting Robots for floor, glass, and water.

Robotics Giants

In late 2020, LG has launched a disinfecting robot. Ava Robotics also introduces its fully autonomously disinfection robot that can disinfect 9,000 square feet per hour. Recently Ava associated with MIT CSAIL to launch a Disinfection robot to help to secure Boston-area food bank. Furthermore, this robot has been piloted at various places such as Boston-based Steelcase and Boston City Hall. This robot becomes due to its variety of professional settings.

All the robotics developers have analyzed the market demand, start expanding their technology, and launches some exciting products into the market. Businesses must strengthen their relations with customers and employees. But at the same time anyone coming into their workplace – should feel confident that everything is done to keep them safe and healthy. This is what a business should aim for.

This disinfection tech of robots is still new and sales are not that easy, but the way it is expanding is creating a window of real opportunity. Do not take things for granted, starts working from today.
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