Could AI redefine advertising in near future?

The advertising field is unpredictable for the crucial paradigm shift. It’s a game to grab more and more consumer’s attention. Programmatic advertising provides opportunities to branded content, influencers, and many more to generate trends in a desperate bid for ears and eyes.

Now, things are changing rapidly, once again the advertising field will shift. This time this field will focus on Artificial Intelligence and it can have a transformative impact on advertising.

What will be the role of AI in marketing in the coming years?

Developers are encountering a vital phase of transfiguration throughout the advertising and marketing industry with the deploring of the cookie and third-party trackers. In testing phases, AI can cause interference throughout the system. Yet, AI could have similar outcomes in the advertising industry that programmatic had years ago.

It’s a good move to going forward with AI as it has the potential to give analytics on customer response, use the data responsibly. AI already has a huge impact on industries like finance, insurance, and healthcare. These industries are at the forefront after implementing AI in their business model.

AI and Advertising

What has been the pace of adoption in marketing?

AI is a new tech, it is not used to its full potential till now. It isn’t extensively used over the digital advertising platform. Hardly 25% of global corporations know the true worth of AI. The pace of adoption by the advertising industry in starting phase will be slow and take some time. After a while, everyone will be benefitted. It is a prime explication that can achieve tangible outcomes in a privacy forward way. 

When might AI have a similar degree of impact as Programmatic advertising? 

Programmatic advertising was introduced about 10 years ago, and it takes time to become popular. However, every new technology took a while before adopted by the industry. I believe that AI will be adopted faster as compare to programmatic. But we never know as tech is evolving at a speedy rate. By next year it may be possible for Artificial intelligence to provide solutions and become foundational technology as it is open and transparent. The point is ad industry does not want multiple solutions, it needs to evolve and it can be done by Artificial Intelligence most perfectly.

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