Artificial Intelligence and Advancement of Homes

Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the most exciting branches over the last decade and now AI is helping in the advancement of homes. With the revolution of technology, we have adapted the technique of “always-on” devices in our homes. We’ve linked everything and anything that we can to the Internet of Things (IoT). Home equipped with Artificial Intelligence has made us well organized and systematic, relatively when viewed at a glance.

AI is modern technology, and expanding day-by-day with no signs of termination. This industry had a great impact on smart homes over the five years, and it’s only the origination. I’m so excited, what this technology will bring in the next five years? I think the concept of a smarter home soon becomes a lot feasible.

Here’s what I think the evaluation of Artificial Intelligence will influence homes in the coming future.

Unique Construction

The new world will reflect the homes which are embedded with the latest technology that results in smarter homes. This will include smart light that you can control at your command; doors with smart locks; videobell at the entryway; a multi-room audio system for the music in every corner of the home; automatic garages, window blinds, and many more things.

Even if the AI doesn’t follow the level with the new home. The construction will authorize the insertion of smart home products post-sale.

The Merger of Smart-Phone and Car

Whenever I’m sitting in my car and look for a location on my smart-phone, my smart-phone shows me how long it will take to reach the destination by taking the best possible route. So, how does it know how much time it will take? It just utilizes GPS data to forecast the time of the journey. Just Imagine when AI is integrating with smart homes, and encourage you to say, set-up a “winter” or “autumn” scene, and result in heating or air conditioning, dim-off your lights automatically, and pre-heat your oven for breakfast.

Artificial Intelligence Based Car

Grocery Shopping

You can easily make up the shopping lists with help of the Amazon Echo and its partner, Alexa, and then buy those items through Amazon. Amazon Key is the latest service that is started by Amazon. It helps the delivery drivers locate the location of your house to place boxes inside. In the coming future, you just have to tell the items you want and the Amazon key delivers the items to your place.

Health and Wellbeing Integration

Some products already exist in the market and that can keep an eye on your health and wellbeing, such as sleep and health tracker. Soon, you’ll able to see your health status whenever you want, as it will be sync with furniture, toilets, and wearables.

Artificial Intelligence Based Facial Recognition

The devices installed in the smart home have now been updated and comes with voice-controls that authorize the digital associate to grasp and distinguish between voices of individuals. Nowadays, every smart-phone comes with facial recognition for unlocking phones, as an adaptation of fingerprint recognition.

I think the next modification in smart home products is that of facial recognition to do things such as to open doors, set-up ambient temperature, and play songs.

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