Amazon Finds: Exciting Smart Products You Should Just Own Already

(Amazon finds #1)

LED Flashlight Gloves

With its dazzling LED lights that are conveniently placed on the thumb and index finger regions, these lightweight gloves are an excellent backup when it’s already dark where you can’t hold a flashlight in one hand while doing work with the other hand.

Key features:

  • Light and Soft
  • Easy to wear
  • Makes it a breeze to operate on things in the dark
  • Releases your hands so you can do other tasks easily.
(Amazon finds #2)

Sleep Headphones Wireless Bluetooth Eye Mask

In today’s stressful and restless world, adequate sleep has become quite a commodity. For most people, the obvious rivals for quality sleep are light and noise. Both light and noise disturb what is called the Circadian Rhythm. This rhythm is often called the body clock and it is liable for essential biological processes such as sleep.

Luckily, both these interruptions can be countered by using sleep masks and noise-isolation headphones or earplugs. Blend those two, and you have sleep mask headphones.’ Sleep mask headphones may seem like your all-in-one solution to your sleeping obstacles and have a good quality of sleep.

Key features:

  • Bluetooth 5.0 technology that can sync with any gadget within 35 feet
  • 10 hours of playing time with 1-2 hours quick charging
  • Premium memory foam with ice silk lining
  • Flexible and suited for all sleeping positions
  • Washable

(Amazon finds #3)

ATECH The Original Multifunction Pen 7 in 1 Tech Tool Pen

ATECH Tech Tool Pen is really comfortable to write with and writes fine. It provides several tools in a compact unit about the same size as a normal pen and of great value. And the ruler, though only 1.5″/40 mm, but very useful in stores, especially hardware stores, to check dimensions. All in all, a tough, well-machined keychain companion.

Key features:

  • 7 extremely beneficial functions: a ballpoint pen, a bottle opener, a mini flat-head, a metric and inch ruler, a stylus, a Phillips screwdriver, and a phone stand
  • Twist action pen, durable, smart, write fluently, and portable
  • TSA compliant Air travel friendly

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