3D Printed Skin Tissues by L’Oreal and Organovo

The bioprinting firm Organovo has achieved so much in a very planned time -frame. This bio-printing firm successfully 3D prints the kidney cells. It is hard to digest, but they’ve done it. Now they decided to erect 3D printed skin tissues and add them to their collection of printable organ tissues.  Recently, the firm has cracked a deal with L’Oreal USA products for research.

This collaboration between both companies authorizes L’Oreal to use designs and models in the analysis, research, and production of its non-perspiration beauty and skincare products. But, Organovo also has the right to trade its skin tissues for help in medical research and incision transplants. The agreement between both the companies will be accomplished in three contrasting stages and these stages are given below: 

 1) Development of the 3D printed skin tissues design

 2) Validation

 3) Commercial supply

3D Printed Skin Tissues Agreement

In this agreement, L’Oreal will pay cash to cover the upfront payments and payments for the design supplied from Organovo. Organovo has been in the field of bioprinting for avoiding animal testing in research. Apart from this, they also want to accelerate the execution of new drugs into the market by using human tissue designs. This authorizes L’Oreal to produce cosmetic products without going through animal testing. Hence, in the future, it will become the most friendly way of producing cosmetic products.

Due to this latest collaboration now the company will able to stretch its own EpiSkin human tissue designing analysis. They can carry out skin irritation tests, without depending on the materials earlier tested in China. The fascinating thing about this deal is that L’Oreal may be able to endorse the point that its products are tried out on 3D-printed skin. Therefore, now it can restrict animal testing in its own business, also it will restrict the potentiality of other co-operation to use 3D printed tissues to test their products.

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